Sunday, March 8, 2009

a new beginning

busy day it is. . i had a general cleaning of my room. . when i say general, it means, from corner to corner. . all clutters have no space in my room nymre. . i started with my closet. a closet full of shirts, shorts, dress, name it, i have it! hahahaah! well my closet is not really a space just for my overflowing clothes, it is also a space where i keep some of the things that belongs or a part of my past. hmmmm...there are stuffs from way back highschool! imagine that...i'm keeping them for almost several years now. add up the stuffs that i kept since college. and i guess they need to be thrown out of my closet now. :( awww. . .i dnt know if i can let go of them already. . letters from friends, special some1(haha!) and a lot more! ow well. . i promise myself, 2009 is a start of a new beginning! no more memories from my past, i'll start collecting new thoughts, new stuffs, new experiences from the present. :) it's a new beginning, as what i call it. :)