Saturday, July 11, 2009 - - - lovin it. :)

Black and White Diva
Black and White Diva by makeekay featuring Roxy

I'm currently loving this site! so much! haha! . :) although my hubby said, "it's such a waste of time"! haha! but he was not serious, tho. he just wanted to tease me coz i've been stucked in front of my laptop the moment i found this site. :) hihi! you can mix and match anythin hir. you can combine any fashionable pieces you can find, and voila, you can create your own set. :) bring out the fashionionista/artistic/creativity inside of you. :) haha! ow well. . this is my first set! yea i know, walang dating! haha! forgive me, i'm just new hir. hihi! I will improve soon, I promise! haha! will post some sets again in a while. :) i hope it wud be better. :) haha! :)

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