Monday, July 27, 2009


Well, this is not the typical Friday Night for most peeps out there, but for me, this is how i spent my friday night! haha! You won't believe it, I know! Si Makikay, namamalantsa?!?!? huuuwaaaaatttttt????

After Scouting hobby shops at festival mall and a hobby shop fronting southmall, to canvas for my hubby's dream "gun" for his air soft hobby, and after SHOPPING (again! ) for stuffs para kay baby summer and some stuffs for me na we will be needing for D-Day, we were back home at around 8:30pm, just in time for the teleseryes we are watching every night( yes, hubby and I are hooked with those teleseryes at ABS! haha! ) I asked hubby dear to get the flat iron and the iron bed and the little clothes, blankies, etc. of baby summer and have him placed it at the living area, plus a chair, and then voila, me ready to do the ironing of summer's little clothes and blankies and other stuffs that needs to be ironed first before letting her use it. HHow sweet of mommy dear noh baby summer?? haha! I don't usually do this kind of stuffs! You know me, i'm a self confessed spoiled brat, I know ryt! haha! Tho i do know how to do household chores, I seldom have the initiative to help around, BEFORE! But honestly, when I got married, I became the masipag Makikay I never thought I would be. I would do the cooking now most of the time, specially during weekends, and take note, I make sure, every dish I cook is something special, of course pra sa love of my layp eh, and kila mama! haha! ang sweet co tlga!!! haha! I wud also clean the house, well not totally clean, clean, kc mpapagod ako ng sbra, and di pwde un for me, but at least medyo malini sco lang at least twice a week. I do the dishes if hubby is not around, because he do the dishes most of the time while I do the cooking and preparations. Wow, marriage did changed me a lot, ow well at least somehow. and I'm proud of it!!


  1. hello makeekay for following my blog...

    awww.. a baby to come!!! hey, congratulations!!!

    always update ok... (*wink)

  2. oh gosh you have no idea how excited i am to read your blogs... i will be coming here more often :]


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