Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My wednesday.

My stomach is rumbling like there is no tomorrow!! aside from baby summers hobby of kicking and punching inside my tumtum, my tumtum is shouting for food!! I'm really hungry!!!! arghhhh!!! I had dinner at around 9pm but I'm feeling the need to take in something again to satisfy my rumbling tumtum!!! and so I asked my loving hubby to get me something to eat. preferrably something hotttttttttt. and that is Lucky Me supreme bulalo. yummmmyyy!!! unfortunately we don't have stocks of it nymore, he got me Lucky me La paz batchoy instead.
ubos na cya now! di pa din ako busog. . .!!!! maybe i shud just sleep na so not to feel this hunger nymore!!! besides, it's late na din. . (2:30 am na! ow well, what's new, I'm always puyat naman)

before i forget. . i had my nails done a while ago. just in time, cause i have my regular schedule for having my nails done. usually every 2 weeks. i have a shimmering pink nail polish this time, instead of the usual red polish u can see in my nails.
Thanks ate lolit for the home service. It's my first time to have my nails done with ate lolits service. (She gives regular home service to my hubby and my mother-in-law) I usually have my nails done either at Let's face it, Nail Salon at BF Resort or California Nails at MOA or their branch at BF par(i'm loving california nails much much! ), but since I am on a tight budget these week (cause my allowance is almost ubos na for the shopping I had this week, take note, di pa tpos ang week huh) I preferred to try ate lolits service instead. it's much cheaper na plus its more convenient cause it's a home service. and i salute u ate lolit for no single blood came out from my nails while u were religiously cleaning it and taking off the dry skin and the. . . . argh, i don't know what it is called, but definitely it's not an ingrown. sabi ni ate lolit " ang dami laman oh. ang lalim na kasi, snay ka tlga ng ngpapatanggal noh?" well, that "laman" is what I am talking about. hehehhe. Maybe I will call ate lolit's service again after 2 weeks. tipid na, ok pa the outcome.

that's it for now fellas!!! have a sweettyyyynnnyyyttteee!!!

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