Friday, July 3, 2009

post. :)

i'm not really a blogger. . . but i do blog if i feel like i wanted to breathe. . if i feel like i wanted to express what i feel. . if i feel like the situation calls for it. :) when i wanted to share somethin exciting about what happened to me or my loves, i blog. . in my multiply account. :) mas madami kc pwde gawin don, aside fom blogging. :) hehe! :) i created my account here a few mos. ago. . but i dont feel like writin anythin here at all that time. i just created an account just so i cud say i have a blogspot account. .haha! anyhooossss. . . for my second blog here after 4 mos. (haha!) i wanted to share with you guys the excitement i am feeling right now. :) i'm excited about what? i'm excited to buy baby stuffs. :) wipppeeee!!! :) well. . i'll be on my 8th mo. next wed. and guess what? i have'nt bought anythin yet. No any baby stuffs yet! Yes shame on me! anyways, it's never too late. . haha. :) shopping is my forte, it's my favorite past time, so i know i won't be havin a hard time. . i hope! haha! :)

i just finished updating my "CHECKLIST : BABY SUMMER'S NEEDS" !!! :) ( sophia summer is the name we chose for our baby. ) andami!! haha! time to buy those stuffs tomorrow afternoon. :) wee!!! :) well, not everything on the list yet at least some of it. :) unti unti until we complete the list, in time for my delivery. :) do any of u knows any mall which is currently having a sale ngayon or the next few days and weeks??? :) haha! need to be practical! haha! wla ng mura sa panahon ngyon! kea the best thing to do, buy stuffs when on sale! :)

These are just some of the stuffs we need to buy. :) wala pa sa half yan! haha!

and ow. . btw, i'm finally having my 4D ultrasound tom! :) (ow actually, later in the afternoon na pla, coz it's 2:30 am nah!) weet weeewww! :)
excited!!! hihi! :) can't wait to see how our baby summer looks like. . hmmm. . cnu kya kamukha?? oh my, not my nose please papa Jesus. . pls lng! sna di nakuha nose co! haha!

Hmmm. . . that's it for now. :) it's almost 3 in the morning and I'm still up! Bad me! I know, right! haha! So, nahnahyte for now. :) til my nexty post. :) I'll post pics of the stuffs i'll buy and the pics of my baby summer. :)

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