Wednesday, July 22, 2009


hmmmm. . . i was browsing/surfing the net specifically online shops specially at multiply, from 7pm til now. . sama nyo pa don the putol putol browse i made from 10 am - 5 pm. and I do that, everyday. . literally. unless i'm not home and gumagala with my hubby or friends, which is 2-3 times a week lng, sometimes once or twice every week lng, coz hubby dear doesn't want me to go out that much nymore since i'm nearing 9th mo. anyhoooss. . what keeps me stucked infront of my laptop and browsing online shops for like hours??? ano pa nga ba. . my being SHOPAHOLIC!!! and it's killing me! haha! I'm always puyat because of it. . (and yes i know, its bad for me and baby summer! ) and if only my wallet cud talk, she cud have scolded me of always leaving her empty like hell! haha! EVERY WEEK expect it that there will be a delivery truck/van/motor outside our house, and a delivery boy/man will come knocking at the gate, and will look for me to give the package which contains the items i ordered. when I said every week, literal, every week tlga un! swear! I can't help it nymore! I'm very much addicted with online shopping!!! add up pa my shopping sprees during my almost weekly visit to malls! argh!!!! But I have a good excuse tho. . I don't shop just for myself. . I make sure I get something for hubby dear and our baby summer. but. . out of 10 items that I will purchase, 1 or sometimes 2 of it is for hubby dear, 2 for baby sumer and the rest. . . MINE!! haha! hay. . . but I know, this has to stop! but what I don't know is when and how will I stop myself from being the SHOPAHOLIC that I am! This is my hobby! one of my happiness! something that keeps me going! haha! I feel complete (haha! exagge! i know! haha! ) if I cud buy something new for myself and my loves! kahit pa my closet is over flowing with clothes already, sama mo pa the bags, accessories and footwears that I have, I still can't help it but to buy more and more of them! I even have clothes, bags, accesorries and shoes, that I have not used yet! haha! but I will use them soon! promise! hehe! hay. . . am I that shopping addict na?? ow yea no need to hear it from u guys nymore, I know the answer! but I make sure nmn,weekly, I save 500 bucks from my allowance, so I cud make ipon! (yes, u read it right, I have weekly allowance from my mom, because I'm currently unemployed! booooo!!!! and I will be, until early next year I guess!! hopefully not beyond that time frame nymore! coz it'll drive me crazy already! ) ow well. . I guess I have to end my post already. It's non sense tho I think! haha! just wanted to share the only addiction I have, which is shooping! besides my addiction to my love. haha! cheeessyyyy!!! will try to post some of my recent buys before the week ends. goodnnnytttte friends. lotsa love from me to you all. til my next post.

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